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Gravity Fit will help you to build a better version of you

Workouts at home

All our workouts wonderful work at home, because you do not need any equipment: only exercises with your body. 

Adaptive plan

Your program will adapt up to you.

Easy or hard — now it does not matter, because all time you will keep fit.

Work at problem areas

You can build the body as you want: a beautiful belly, nice butt or stronger muscles. It is all in the Gravity app!

О нас


we are

We are the team, who dreams to create the best fitness experience on the mobile platform! We have sport expertise — it allows us to create interesting and effective workouts for you. 

We also have a lot of expertise in creating mobile products. So, we believe, that GRAVITY fit will be an enjoyable app for you.

Have a question? Write to us:

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